“Windows 12” is envisioned as Microsoft’s upcoming “revolutionary” operating system

Windows 12 upcoming OS


Windows 12 fan-made conceptions are usually entertaining to look at since they sometimes present an incredibly different interpretation from the official one. Such concepts are appealing in part because they emphasise the things that ardent supporters of the product really want to have. Because most of the members of our community are Windows fans who enjoy reading through the abstractions, we at Neowin explore some of these fascinating concepts.

YouTuber AR 4789, a well-known designer of Windows concepts, recently shared one in which Windows XP was shown off in the manner of Windows 11. In their most recent concept video, “Windows 12 – The Revolutionary,” the same creator tackled the challenge of imagining the upcoming Windows version, “Windows 12,” as the next revolutionary operating system from Microsoft, rather than taking the retro route.

According to the design, Windows 12 will be a minimalist operating system that blends style and utility. It will also be intuitive and have stunning visual effects.

When will Windows 12 be accessible?

Probably in September of 2024, or perhaps later, Win 12 will make its debut.This matches other noteworthy Windows 11 updates. The next version of Windows is expected to continue with its annual update schedule, as it has for the past few years, despite the initial promise that it will switch to a three-year development cycle.

Germanium, a new platform release, will serve as the foundation for Win 12 (often referred to as Hudson Valley). This will be the first significant upgrade to the Windows platform since the introduction of Windows 11. Germanium is anticipated to be finished by April, and devices will begin to support it in June. However, the majority of Win 12 capabilities won’t be available until September. This is because Germanium offers significant enhancements for Arm-based gadgets, such the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite-powered ones.

Will the upgrade to Windows 12 be free?

Whether you’ll have to pay to upgrade to Windows 12 when (and if) it launches is probably one of your biggest concerns, but fortunately, that is unlikely. It only makes sense for Microsoft to keep providing significant Windows upgrades at no cost to current Windows customers, as it has done for a number of years. Naturally, Win 12 won’t be free, so you’ll still need to purchase it if you don’t already have a Windows licence.

Will I have to make an upgrade?

No is most likely the response to this. Microsoft’s drive to force people to install new versions of Windows has slowed down considerably. Users of Windows 10 can still choose to update to Windows 11, and this will probably be the case for all upcoming Windows versions.

Microsoft wants these devices to be available as soon as possible and because they represent a significant advancement for both Qualcomm and Windows, they will initially ship without all the new features. Later in the year, they will receive the Hudson Valley update along with all other current devices.

A tiny primary button menu at the bottom of the screen serves as the launchpad for the streamlined Start menu. The Start menu’s top section contains the power, settings, and other choices. Naturally, one of the defining features of Windows 11 is its rounded edges.

What’s new in Windows 12?

Additionally, you’ll note that the top taskbar features a tiled Quick Settings Action Centre that can be adjusted to the user’s preferences.
Next, we have the Settings app (on the right) and File Explorer (on the left). Keep take mind that the Settings app was incorrectly labelled as “Files” by its author.


This is how Windows 12 looks in its entirety, including with the Start menu and widgets.
AI-generated desktop wallpapers are the last option. Recall that Microsoft has been working on AI-powered desktop effects for Windows 11, however it’s safe to say that Copilot has taken up the most of its attention.

Remember that this is only an animated idea, and even for a corporation the size of Microsoft, creating a real product like this without a tonne of problems and difficulties is definitely going to be a far more difficult undertaking.

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